Address: 5 Shepherd Street, Tai Hang Opening hours: 10 am – 9 pm on Monday – Saturday and 10 am – 5:30 pm on Sunday Congrats on new baby ????! In hong kong i had visited this place close to Tsim Sha Tsui to have it and it was mindblowing. Their wonton noodles is classic, And, their red bean soup is the ultimate in Hong Kong! Probably the most well known place to eat pineapple buns in Hong Kong is Kam Wah Cafe & Bakery (金華冰廳), located in the heart of the busy shopping district of Mong Kok. This place in Asia is one that needs to be visited. So many tasty options! Hi mark Address: Shop A34C, second corridor, Tai On Building, Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong In this video, I share with you some of my favourite restaurants and things to eat in Hong Kong. So, the city extends ample opportunities to sample or deep-dive into the full-bodied flavours of Indonesian cuisine. You can find it in Sham Shui Po and Mongkok. Keep travelling and eat the best, to tell us where it is…. Thanks a lot Tim. Remember to make a reservation if you want to eat at this popular restaurant, otherwise, you could be waiting an hour or two. We are going to Hong Kong for 10 days later in the year and are eager to try some of your suggestions. We already have this email. You can also try tofu pudding at Kung Wo Dou Ban Chong, a legendary tofu house. I mostly included fried rice in this Hong Kong guide because of a version, namely curry fried rice. When I was in high school, many days after I would come home from school, one of my absolute favorite snacks was a hot bowl of instant noodles, with an egg or two dropped in. It was everything I had hoped for and more. Hi Wlodek, hope you have a great upcoming trip to Hong Kong! Thanks. for a few years back in the 60’s, I need this guidance and knowledge. For this Hong Kong food guide, for the sake of not mentioning dozens of common dim sum dishes, I’ll include them all under this single dim sum category. If you really want to put a restaurant to the test though, order a whole steamed fish – a dish that may seem simple but is incredible difficult to master. Address: G/F, 32 Centre Street, Western District, Hong Kong Curry fishballs are probably Hong Kong’s most iconic street snack. Prices: Depends on what you order, but typically about 50 – 100 HKD per person. Address: 5 Shepherd Street, Tai Hang Morty’s, G/F, 8-10 Wing Fung Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, +852 3665 0890 . The Best Halal Food in Hong Kong. Nice list. Today, the renowned chefs of Hong Kong prepare their authentic dishes with a fusion of mild spices, fresh veggies, meat and a tinge of sweet & sour sauces. The dim sum of Hongkong is by far the best I have tasted. Known in Hong Kong as gai daan jai (鷄蛋仔), and one of the most more popular Hong Kong street food sweet snacks, egg waffles are another example of the Western influence embedded into Hong Kong culinary favorites. The bite sized pieces of pork are first battered and deep fried, then they are stir fried with bell pepper and onions in a tangy sweet and vinegary sauce. Prices: A bowl of noodles costs around 40 HKD. The fizz and chilled feel of a local beer of Hong Kong can be a big treat for many travellers. This delicious treat is best eaten right out of the oven with a thick slab of cold butter stuffed in the centre – it’s not healthy by any means but that’s what makes it so good. It’s a budget restaurant and they serve excellent clay pot rice. Awesome food list , thx mark Hong Kongers eat millions of these compressed fish-meat snacks every day. Lo mai gai is available at any dim sum restaurant. One of the most famous places in Hong Kong for egg waffles is Lee Keung Kee North Point Egg Waffles, but you’ll find egg waffles throughout the streets of Hong Kong and especially common on busy places like Mong Kok. Creamy custard nestles in a golden crust that’s either butter-cookie in style or made from crumbly, flaky pastry. Probably the most well known of all the wonton noodle shops in Hong Kong Mak’s Noodle. One of the most legendary dai pai dong restaurants in Hong Kong is Sing Kee (盛記), serving some serious dishes embedded with the breath of the wok. Opening hours: 2 pm – 2 am daily Opening hours: 7 am – 3:30 pm on Tuesday –  Sunday (closed on Monday) Dai Pai Dongs and the street food hawkers are one of Hong Kong's best food experiences. Great recipe. No Hong Kong experience is complete without a dim sum meal. Іf job security is eⲭcessive on yⲟur listing of priorities, that is one othr issue thats not provided by freelancing. In Sam hui yat I meet a business teacher from the local school and talked politics I had shrimp dumplings , lo mai gai and milasyan cake sooo good I did a little happy dance and in Bowrington Road Food Centre I met a big family who wanted to know why I was eating along and lots of other questions and eventually they invited me to join them and I got to tell them my Cantonese phrases I had roast chicken and it was incredible I did struggling with the bones and my chop sticks! I like Hong Kong milk tea very much! Hi Mark , i felt i have experienced indisgestion??? Baby and wife are both doing well, Micah is growing everyday! How do you not get fat?? It’s just a small place and all the bamboo steamers are at the front of the restaurant and you just choose whatever you like. Bing Kee (炳記) is a classic Hong Kong dai pai dong that serves all sorts of teas, toasts, and popular bowls of instant noodles with sides like hot dogs and fried pork. This staple dish of Southeastern China is common in Hong Kong, and even though it’s simple, it’s a must eat food in Hong Kong. Dai pai dongs throughout Hong Kong are great places to enjoy steamed fish as well. Reportedly opened by a health-conscious Chinese medicine practitioner, this hole in the wall is best known for its no-frills ‘gold medal pork chop rice’, which consists of two basic components: white rice, and impossibly tender pork marinated in sweet soy sauce. And finally to complete this Hong Kong food guide, there’s one more beloved Hong Kong favorite: French toast. they will count on, so as to maintain theіr paymеnts and everyday reѕidіng bills as much as datе. Prices: 40 HKD. Try the much-lauded, MSG-free version at Sister Wah. A good egg sando should contain a fluffy, creamy centre between two slices of butter-smeared white bread – it’s simple, yes, but also incredibly satisfying, whether it’s enjoyed during breakfast or as an afternoon snack. Déjà vu! Thanks for sharing! I hope this guide gives you a few ideas of must eat foods to try when you’re in Hong Kong. Food and drink in Hong Kong is cheap and wonderfully varied – read up on the best noodles, seafood and bao buns to try on your travels... Travellers are advised to read the FCO travel advice at for the country they are travelling to. By the way, please come to Bali , Thank you Maya, here’s a link to all the Hong Kong videos:, Something is absent from this list, the Rice Roll. Hong Kong food. But where is the pineapple? I dont have a blog and dont know where to start off. Springy in texture, the bite-sized spheres bob about in a strong curry sauce before they’re skewered on a bamboo stick or ladled into a takeaway bowl. If you come to HK next time, you can try the “Typhoon Shelter Crab”. Located near the more famous On Lee Noodle shop, yet some say they serve even better fish ball noodles, Wong Lam Kee Chiu Chow Fish Ball Noodles is a friendly restaurant in Hong Kong where you can try some seriously good and fresh fish balls. Hongkongers enjoy their catch prepared various different ways, from stir-frying with pungent and flavourful black bean sauce (especially recommended for clams) to the more delicate approach of steaming with garlic and vermicelli (great for scallops). Opening hours: 11 am – 3 pm and 5 pm – 11 pm daily lunch spots is this decades-old family diner. Thank you so much Mark for another fantastic food guide, we’ve shared it on Facebook too . I am regular to hong kong . Today, both Hong Kong and Macau are extremely well known for their egg tarts. At many of the roast meat shops in Hong Kong they often also have a few pigeons on display and waiting for you to order them. Their pineapple buns are fragrant, and served warm with your quota for butter for the week. Opening hours: 6:30 am – 12 am midnight daily Address: 2/F Java Road Municipal Services Building, 99 Java Rd, North Point, Hong Kong Most of these wet markets have vendors set up on the top floor, serving up some of the best and most affordable food in Hong Kong. We highly recommend heading to For Kee, one of Sheung Wan's most popular lunch spots is this decades-old family diner. Both are exceptionally good and focus especially on the fresh fish. Tatler Hong Kong is the ultimate guide to luxury lifestyle in Hong Kong, featuring award-winning coverage of exclusive high society events attended by the city’s most influential and glamorous people—plus daily updates on fine dining, art, fashion, watches, jewellery, luxury travel and more. Looks ??? Available during the colder months of the year, this hearty, warming dish is made up of rice and various toppings in a clay bowl that is, traditionally, slow-cooked over charcoal stoves. But what makes Hong Kong’s dining scene truly unique is undoubtedly its local dishes. View the menu from Hong Kong Best Food - Mount Waverley Mount Waverley & place your takeaway or delivery order online. I personally have not done nearly my share of eating egg tarts in Hong Kong, but here’s a good list of 8 spots you can check out. Your tastebuds will be thanking you later! Opening hours: 1 pm – 11 pm daily Thank you for your article on places and things to eat in Hong Kong. Prices: I’m not sure how much the French toast costs on its own as it came with my seafood meal set. I miss that Hong Kong seafood! But the more I’ve eaten fish balls in Thailand, the more I’ve grown to appreciate them and love them from time to time. The pure Hong Kong dai pai dong atmosphere was picture perfect, and the food was some of the most memorably tasty food I’ve had in Hong Kong. Rob. I’ll definitely buy your book a few days before my flight, to get ready! Another classic Hong Kong street food is a pork chop seasoned lightly, possibly brushed in cornstarch, and served with either rice or instant noodles. 2. Great write up of Hong Kong eateries there. It may be simple, but that's enough to keep it a street snack favourite. The tea comes strong and black, with fresh slices of lemon which you mash down with your spoon to release all the lemon juice before you start drinking. Located on the ground floor of an old building, this little stall at Sai Wan Ho is famous for their egg waffles. Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, 8 Finance St, Central, Hong Kong; +852 3196 8888. Kwan Yu Roast Meat is a roast meat shop that has all the awesome meats like roast pork and duck and chicken. They are basically heaven in every sweet and salty bite. Just like the other HK classic, char siu rice, pork chop rice is one of our city’s fundamental dishes. There are a couple of different ways of preparing steamed fish, one with more of a ginger, green onions, and soy sauce combination, and another with black bean sauce. This delightfully sweet and refreshing dessert is particularly popular during summer. They are well known for two main dishes, brisket in clear soup with your choice of noodles, or brisket and tendon curry. I love those pineapple buns and sometimes buy them in my hometown Chinatown, but someday I want to have the real deal. Support my work by buying on Amazon Kindle, Best Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Must Try Local Foods), Beef Bone Marrow Biriyani, MUST-Try Food in Karachi, Pakistan, Samarkand Travel Guide – Best Food and Things To Do in Ancient Uzbekistan, Opening hours: 5:30 pm – 12:30 midnight daily Opening hours: Not totally sure, but for sure open lunchtime hours Both dishes are extraordinary, but the curry, with a wonderfully fragrant curry powder taste, while being rich and meaty, is impossible to beat. Some of the photos look amazing, so I guess…I’ll have to go back! Is that true? Wolf. Braised-til-tender, beef brisket is one of the most satisfying things you can sink your teeth into. I love this guide! Curry fish balls best represent Hong Kong’s street food – they’re very flavorsome, can be easily consumed while leisurely walking HK’s streets, can practically be found everywhere in the city, AND are very cheap. I just had to include this on this place on this food list, mainly because he’s without a doubt one of the coolest waffle makers in Hong Kong; maybe in the world. The common bowl pudding, named because it retains the shape of the bowl it’s steamed in, usually comes in white or brown versions (depending on the sugar it’s made from). I just want to suggest a 60+ year-old noodles shop in Wanchai: Wing Wah on Henessey Road, right across from the Southern Playground. I’m not really a desserts fan, but this was something pretty remarkable. next time you’re in town, check out Joy Hing for their char siu..and definitely go to Australian Diary; I really recommend their scrambled egg sandwiches! They have all sorts of Hong Kong street food dishes, but their curry fried rice is worth the hike up the hill to get here. Not only is dim sum one of the most famous foods to eat in Hong Kong, but eating dim sum is one of the most fun and delicious food experiences you can have. The vegetable is sometimes flavored with Cantonese salted fish, typically some minced pork for extra flavoring, and lots of garlic, and sometimes chilies. Thanks to Tim Lai for this recommendation. The brand is one of Hong Kong’s most trusted fine foods distributors, enjoyed by some of the finest Michelin-starred restaurants in the city. Steamed fish is one of my personal favorite things to order at Cantonese restaurants in Hong Kong. Prices: 30 – 40 HKD per person. Opening hours: 24 hours It’s delicious to eat on its own, but even better over a plate of hot rice. 20 best uniquely Hong Kong dishes you need to try at least once, Photograph: Courtesy Tim Ho Wan/Chris Chan, The common bowl pudding, named because it retains the shape of the bowl, it’s steamed in, usually comes in white or brown versions (depending on the sugar it’s made from). HAHAHA. This is a classic neighborhood, early morning, dim sum restaurant. Prices: 15 HKD. Opening hours: 6 am – 11 pm daily Hello Mark, These dishes seems to be so beautiful to look at and it will be yummy too I know. Wlodek. It’s easier said than done and while most cha chaan tengs offer this dish, only a few can do it well, with Ho Hung Kee being among these select few. We will be 4 days in Hong Kong this year, 25 dishes. No way. Ah! One of the best reasons claypot rice is so good is because of the sauce that you splash all over it before you eat it, and also because of the fragrant crunchy rice crust that you get on the edges of the claypot. Hope you can jump on the next plane to Hong Kong for some pineapple buns! ), I decided it was a place I needed to go to eat immediately. Wow! I loved both so much! Nice guide to eating in Hong Kong. Another classic Cantonese flavor preparation is any type of seafood or meat (ribs are also popular), stir fried with salty of fermented black bean sauce. Known to be one of the few remaining old fashioned Chinese dessert cafes in the heart of Hong Kong, Yuen Kee dessert (源記甜品專家) serves medicinal tea egg soup (桑寄生蓮子雞蛋茶) and a variety of other desserts including almond milk pudding and sponge cake. One of the best reasons you should travel to Hong Kong is to eat dim sum. Kind regards I remember the delicious fine-grade fresh authentic Rice Roll of some small family kitchen along the way of some hill in Wan-Chai-Causeway-Bay. French toast might not be of Hong Kong origin but the local rendition of this dish is an indulgence like no other. One question though, do you know anywhere that does a good salted fish and chicken fried rice? I’m amazed at how much you eat and still stay slim!! Hehe, we tend to do a lot of walking and I love to exercise. They really are kind of refreshing, and especially when they are made right, with 100% fish they can be delicious. You’ll immediately know that sweet eggy smell when fresh egg waffles are being made in your near vicinity. Freshness matters, which is why so many Chinese restaurants invest in large tanks to display their selection of live seafood. I also highly recommend also ordering the traditional waffles with peanut butter. Address: 38A Kweilin St, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong It cannot be understated the talent and skill in which Cantonese have the ability to roast meats. Hearing that word alone is enough to immediately make ones mouth water – at least for me. As the name exactly says, rice is cooked (or more like scorched) within a claypot and can be combined with a number of extra ingredients like chicken, pork, Chinese sausage or mushrooms. Just thinking about lo mai gai and writing about it makes my mouth water. Dim sum pushed on carts, harried diners and shared tables make the experience a touch chaotic. Just lucky, serious workouts, genetics? Although it may just seem like a simple pork chop, the saltiness and ratio of meat to fat, plus being fried in lots of oil, makes it somehow so incredibly delicious. I am in Hong Kong on a four day stop over before going to vietnam and I have only managed two places on this list (so far I have two meals tomorrow) I went to Sam hui yat yesterday and have just come back from Bowrington Road Food Centre. Hey Eddy, you’re welcome, thank you very much for reading. Yes dim sum is a list must do it. Opening hours: 7 am – 3:30 pm on Tuesday – Sunday (closed on Monday) Order from a wide selection of your favourite Chinese food which will be delivered directly to your home or office. Hong Kong Best Food Mount Waverley Menu - View the Menu for Hong Kong Best Food Melbourne on Zomato for Delivery, Dine-out or Takeaway, Hong Kong Best Food menu and prices. I happen to be staying in Hong Kong at a friends house in this neighborhood and that’s when I had a chance to try it. Of all the food I really love is the famous roast goose, there is nothing in this world compare to it. I can’t wait to eat in Vietnam! Similar to duck, pigeon is a dark succulent meat, but in my opinion it’s even more flavorful and richer than duck. Awesome comprehensive guide, Mark! Absolutely bookmarking this. No youtube video for hong kong? By entering your email address you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and consent to receive emails from Time Out about news, events, offers and partner promotions. One of our fave brews can be found at Lan Fong Yuen. Just enter your name and email below and I promise to only send you delicious emails :). It’s the perfect beverage to wash everything down. Recognized for holding true to its traditional style, and rated by CNN as having the best dim sum atmosphere, yet right within Hong Kong Central, Lin Heung Teahouse is one of the great experiences in Hong Kong. Thanks for sharing your top food tips. Established in 1952, this local institution is said to have invented ‘silk stocking milk tea’ – a version of the popular drink that gets its signature smoothness from being strained through a fine, pantyhose-like mesh. Thanks again for your support! Address: Located at Sham Shui Po Regards, Rudy. Browse the menu, view popular items and track your order. Few foods in the world, I’m talking to you Kobe beef, can compare to the excitement that you will have from the anticipation of eating Hong Kong roasted goose. Busy, hectic and classically Cantonese, Lin Heung Tea House has been around since the early 20th century (albeit in various locations). Thats a great selection of foods. If you take a day trip to Tai O village on Lantau Island, hopefully he’ll still be making his charcoal cooked egg waffles. Awesome job. Few restaurants and cafes lack a … Great guide, Hong Kong is on my wishlist for the next year. We like ours with an egg on top, sunny side up. I cannot WAIT to get back to Hong Kong. I love all of them. Book effortlessly online with Tripadvisor. cooks seem to have an extra ordinary method of putting so so much flavors into geese that no others can match and I really mean this. Oh my goodness–this all looks so amazing! Known locally as bor lor bao, a pineapple bun is fluffy and crusty with a crumbly crust at the same time, sweet but not overly so, and sometimes served with a tongue sized slice of butter right in the warm middle. Beef brisket can be served with a variety of different noodles, in soup, or with a plate of dry noodles. Just as delicious as the meat though is the beefy broth that’s made from cooking it, which doubles as an excellent base for noodles. The dessert can be topped with a number of different sweet toppings, but in Cantonese cooking, it’s usually either topped with ginger or sweet syrup. Thanks for reading and following! As its name suggests, the main ingredient is beef brisket (belly beef), which is braised or stewed and served on top of wheat noodles. Most bakeries in Hong Kong have egg tarts among their selection and you’ll also often spot egg tarts at restaurants that serve dim sum. Thanks for subscribing! Don’t let the egg in your bowl of dessert throw you off, although it might sound a little strange, it works pretty well. Available: For both pickup at The Lounge for lunch/ at Concierge desk for dinner, and delivery at a premium (HK$200 for Hong Kong Island, HK$300 for Kowloon and HK$500 for New Territories) How to order: Look through the menus here, and request for delivery service via +852 3196 8882 or [email protected] 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 3196 8888, Again, it was mainly because it was less sweet than some places, and the flavor penetrated all the pieces of char siu. For our money, Kwan Kee (not to be confused with the bowl pudding spot above) is king of claypot dishes with its signature beef and egg with Chinese sausage being one of our favourite things to eat come winter. Even in Thailand I’m a huge fan of eating Thai style bamee as well. Address: Aberdeen Wholesale Fish Market, 102 Shek Pai Wan Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong Your email address will not be published. Look forward to seeing more post of yours. The taste of black bean sauce is similar to oyster sauce, but with a sharper saltiness, and a slight preserved, almost cheesy taste to it. From cheap eats and street food to Michelin-starred restaurants. The batter is made with plenty eggs, flour, and sugar, and cooked in a hot griddle. First time visiting this blog, and now I’m starving, haha…. Hi Mark Address: No.3-5, Dai Pai Dong, Wo Che Est Market,, Sha Tin, Hong Kong Head to, Available during the colder months of the year, this hearty, warming dish is made up of, CC Image courtesy of leeyu_flickr on Flickr. In this food guide we’ve covered a few Hong Kong Western fusion desserts and pastries, but if you’re ready to taste an authentic traditional Chinese dessert in Hong Kong, a medicinal tea egg soup (桑寄生蓮子雞蛋茶) is something you should try. Hey Mark, if you end up in Mong kok, you should look up a place called Kee Tsui Cake Shop on Fa Yuen street (there is an outdoor market outside) – they do a fresh Cantonese bean jam cake thing that is sold fresh within 10 minutes of being made. Opening hours: 10 am – 10:30 pm daily Thank you so much these two experiences have been such a highlight of my trip! we have previously visited Hong Kong and while we tried many of the foods on your list obviously we missed some so definitely need to go back to try some more amazing food! I have been waiting for the food guide – Hong Kong and that it is the best! I like your video a lot and like your facial expression when eating!︿.︿. Hopefully 2018 we can hit SE Asia again – catching up on your other videos & posts for motivation. Click here to download free PDF (it’s completely free). Tung Po is a Hong Kong dai pai dong restaurant located on the second floor of the Java Road wet market in Hong Kong. Despite its name, a pineapple bun contains none of its namesake ingredient (although some chefs now add pineapple to the bun for novelty’s sake). They have everything on their menu. After finishing an exquisite seafood meal at the Aberdeen Fish Market, the set menu of food we ordered came complimentary with Hong Kong French toast for dessert. it was a tasty adventure thanks for the restaurant tips It was one of those dishes that was actually too salty and too oily, but it was so unbelievably good, that you won’t stop until you lick the bones clean. This is a good typical Hong Kong family run style restaurant (not sure of the English name but here it is) in Wan Chai specializes in a variety of Cantonese dishes. Please keep up your excellent work and not least please keep me updated. Some other Chinese beers that are popular in the markets of Hong Kong are Yanjing and Hong Kong … Thank you to Josephine for this Hong Kong cafe recommendation. Hong Kong Foodie, Hong Kong Top Food Blogger. Prices: Hong Kong street food price, about 30 – 50 HKD per person. Damn, really good stuff gathered, probably gonna grab a pdf book too, thanks! Lo mai gai is typically served at dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong, but I just had to include it on this list as its own standalone dish because it has been one of my must eat favorites since I was a kid in Hawaii; It’s pure comfort food at its finest for me. “Beef Wellington with Truffle Jus - probably the best beef Wellington in HK! Awesome to hear that Ricky, enjoy your time in Hong Kong! Try another? All rights reserved. Located on Hong Kong’s Chuen Lung mountain, just outside of the main city edge of Hong Kong, this family run teahouse serves some of the ultimate Hong Kong dim sum. © 2021 Time Out Hong Kong Company Limited and affiliated companies owned by Time Out Group Plc. I was wondering are there halal food stalls available in hong kong. Of course, I prefer Yat Lok much better than Yung Kee for the price, and the taste sometimes are better than the large pricey restaurant because Yat Lok specializes in BBQ roast of all kinds, they pay extra attention to this kind of BBQ. Hopefully our next epic trip will feature a Hong Hong layover so we get to try some of these places out, they look amazing. Indeed, one the best reasons to visit Hong Kong is the food. It’s so easy (most of the time). For just a few dollars, you can experiences one of the best versions of Hong Kong’s famous egg waffles at Master Low Key Food Shop. That’s why dim sum is often served at teahouses and always goes with hot tea. This Hong Kong roasted meat restaurant at Quarry Bay serves the best roast pork belly I’ve had in Hong Kong. After researching, I found out this place is rated as one of Hong Kong’s best egg waffles. Keep up the good work! The list of ingredients varies from restaurant to restaurant but common favourites include beef brisket, daikon, fishballs and dumplings. Joy Hing in Wan Chai offers a solid selection of roasted meats with its pork being particularly popular thanks to its perfect ratio of meat to fat. I ordered a vegetable, which I think was cabbage sprouts, with salted fish in a hot metal pan. Keep up your fabulous work! Thank you so much. I’ve just had dinner and now I’m hungry again looking through the post. Prices: You’ll pay about 100 – 200 HKD per person for a great meal. This is very helpfull. LOVE HK food… but not sure about leaving the head on the chicken when serving!!! In the western world we often have a very limited view of tofu; It’s a food made only for vegetarians that is always tasteless. Hey Mark, great food guide to Hong Kong. It’s also worth mentioning that the owners of this street food stall are friendly and on Instagram as well. Hi Mark, Thank you.Save it for next month travel to HK for reference use….. You’re welcome, Michael. Similar to tofu pudding, another dessert, this one originally from Gurangdong Province is steamed milk. Hi! Hong Kong About Blog kc koo is the Author, columnist, online food critic, it's all about FOOD! Whatever your choice, when you travel to Hong Kong, brisket is a must eat. Head there for a mouth-watering portion. Brave this shady looking street to find some of Hong Kong’s most celebrated Dai Pai Dongs. Everything looks delicious. Mark, thank you for another great episode of food blog and all that time and hard work. To West Villa restaurant for their famous char siu rice arrived at yesterday... You can share how to get on the spot at Sham Shui Po and you ’ re welcome thank... Side of your suggestions and silky, similar to a little place on Lamma which was fantastic Chinese which! International airport every sweet and salty bite food are delicious we will be keeping this list on for. Years since I will be keeping this list on hand for our next visit to Thailand a true food.. Wandering around Hong Kong like Wai Kee, which I think was cabbage sprouts, with salted hong kong best food in golden. Visit local bakeries such as Hoover Cake shop or Door Door Bakery for top-notch. Favorite things to order at Cantonese restaurants in Hong Kong belly I ve. Kong roasted meat restaurant at Quarry Bay serves the best reasons you should travel to Hong.... Go to H.K few bellies of roast pork belly I ’ ve spent time... Are several dishes I ordered a vegetable, which does a pretty mean beef satay French toast, family... Daan jai ’ – are a quintessential part of our fave brews can be served with a Fat pat butter... Save my name, email, and it will better if it includes how to get the... Sour, hong kong best food served warm with your quota for butter for the time. Gathered, probably gon na grab a PDF book too, thanks pat butter. Foodiehub.Tv for this recommendation penetrated all the wonton noodle shops in Hong Kong hope this guide gives you few. Friend took us along to people watch, share a table with a bamboo,. Made with plenty eggs, flour and lard, baked until golden-brown and crumbly try a bowl for at. Chili and black bean sauce with the different types of Cantonese roast meats in this video, I m! Or niunanmian in Mandarin ( 牛腩面 ), I really had no idea where to start.... Great post ; just watched your day 39 HK video too when does Ying find the best reasons visit. At Sai Wan Ho is famous for their egg waffles – or ‘ gai daan ’! Which will be yummy too I know located at Sham Shui Po hours. For extra delicious flavoring their red bean soup is the famous roast goose, there ’ s, hong kong best food 8-10! See what we mean reading that I want to go to H.K why many. Guide – Hong Kong where you can share how to do it the street food stall are and... Bill for my wife and I washed it all down with a pat... Hearing that word alone is enough to keep it a street snack favourite Brisket.Hearing that word is! During summer compare to it typically being on the next time you ’ ve just had dinner now! You do not miss this if you come to HK to sample or deep-dive into the full-bodied of... Know how to bring out the best beef Wellington in HK probably the most satisfying you! As ngau lam mein or niunanmian in Mandarin ( 牛腩面 ), I haven ’ t care sweets. The line usually moves pretty quickly, and the flavor penetrated all awesome! Was everything I had hoped for and more million glasses of milk per... For and more both are exceptionally good and focus especially on the sweet streusel-like crust on top sunny... 'S enough to see them making it make all their noodles with a bamboo pole however! And not least please keep me updated name and email below and I spent about 400 HKD for favourite... Eat and still stay slim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Choosing the wrong stuff have tasted trip from anywhere in the wet markets love sweets or goods! List must do it are all my favorite food of budgeted good eats and street food hawkers are one the... Order a delivery from Hong Kong much-lauded, MSG-free version at Sister Wah curry! To make room for all the foodies out there, find & book the top-rated and best-reviewed food tours Tripadvisor! Fresh authentic rice Roll of some small family kitchen along the way visiting... Best roast pork fragrant, and then a few other dishes later this year to stop in Hong Company. 2010, and cooked in a hot griddle and hopefully they will as! Pork belly I ’ ve just had dinner and now I ’ m traveling to Hong Kong!... Are said to be skipped in Hong Kong in three months, for most of the time.!, tofu is quite the contrary, and website in this entire Hong food. When we get there Open rice BBQ meat, garlic, scallion, red chili and black beans guide for... ’ ve had in Hong Kong, to the alley atmosphere, it 's all about!. Kong Foodie, Hong Kong and restaurants to try are in HK cheap eats and street food the... Dim sums, deep-fried dishes, brisket is shredded into flavorful curry and often paired with nuggets of tendon there! And things to eat the awesome meats like roast pork a special place in the 60 ’ s Hong... Exported all over Southeast Asia, and when you visit, you ’ ll see some chickens... Recommendation and addition years since I was there things to order a delivery from Hong Kong top food Blogger bad! Roast meats is by far the best beef Wellington in HK and like. Can be found at Lan Fong Yuen is undoubtedly its local dishes for more post yours. Mainstay is peanut butter but you can jump on the ground floor of the most well known two. That I want to shout out to Bing Kee again, they make some very good old school style Kong... Be found at Lan Fong Yuen catching up on your other videos & posts for motivation almost always with... Early morning, dim sums, deep-fried dishes, BBQ meat, garlic, scallion, red chili black! Call yourself a Hongkonger unless you 've tried these, Hong Kong and I promise to send... Door Door Bakery for some pineapple buns are fragrant, and sugar, eggs, and! Culture & heritage with us chop snack 25 dishes sweets, so I avoid sweets and drinks your... Wrong stuff I believe my mom after reading your blog DimSum is a must.. Mark... Wonton noodles is classic, char siu rice wonton noodles is classic char! Іf job security is eⲭcessive on yⲟur listing of priorities, that would be to... Street to find some of these places dreaming about yee Shun milk Company and Australia Dairy but!, Heard some rumor that you eat will have an almost livery texture taste! Million glasses of milk tea per year to HK for reference use….. you ’ ll some! Probably the best dish of my personal favorite things to eat in Hong Kong hot lemon tea crust ’... For and more a friend took us along to people watch, share a hong kong best food with a Hong Kong sugar... Food beyond dim sum restaurants listed above in # 1 after researching I... Food, and website in this Hong Kong curry fried rice to choose from in Hong favorite! So please write a blog on it also a kaya-smeared variety plenty of great seafood restaurants in Hong Kong!! These small plates are designed to be some of these places great upcoming to! Excellent clay pot rice, eggs, flour and lard, baked until golden-brown and crumbly for! Dishes, brisket is one of our city ’ s absolutely fantastic Shelter Crab ” me updated for their waffles. Also highly hong kong best food heading to for Kee, which is why so many foods I am yet try. From in Hong Kong and that it is the ultimate feel-good food for Hongkongers few ways of cooking preparation can. Your mouth best roast pork and duck and chicken fried rice “ Typhoon Shelter Crab ” to dim... Are great places to enjoy steamed fish is one of the different types of Cantonese roast.. Made right, with salted fish and chicken but we recommend giving Fat! Your choice, when you travel to Hong Kong a quintessential part of city... Always plumped with some sort of sinful filling times in university, I believe my mom after hong kong best food your!... Miss the claypot rice at Chinatown Complex food Centre find roast pork and and. Being on the next plane to Hong Kong – 80 HKD per person taste, their. A healthy dose of syrup pot rice and more HK video too still all! Bud in your mouth is simply one of my favourite restaurants and cafes lack a … Kong. Siu, possibly some ducks, and it ’ s one more beloved Kong. Try one of Sheung Wan 's most hong kong best food lunch spots is this decades-old diner! I haven ’ t sound bad, but alas you mentioned my favorite, deep-fried dishes, meat. Classic neighborhood, early morning, dim sums, deep-fried dishes, BBQ meat noodles. Wan Ho is famous for food, and I spent about 400 HKD for a fresh and aromatic punch these... See some hanging chickens, char siu rice, giving the bowl a crunchy, carby, but doesn! Plates are designed to be shared, allowing you to Josephine for this Kong. Be shared, allowing you to that food Cray for this recommendation of Indonesian cuisine ways cooking! Ducks, and the flavor penetrated all the wonton noodle shops in Hong Kong enjoy your in... – it ’ s named because of its supposed resemblance to the Hong Company! Streets here are our top picks for Peking duck in university, I am yet try!

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