Anglers are asking for faster reels so we're trying to go beyond where we're at today.". You want smooth operation, but higher ratios put more pressure on the reel and the gearing. Similarly, more feathery yet strong rods are sure to follow. That's accomplished through DuraGear, a specialized brass material much harder than standard brass, which makes a better gear set and adds to gear module strength. "It's a finite game because you have to manage gear strength and durability. Offered in high-gear (HG) and power-gear (PG) models to cover a range of applications. These gargantuan fish easily tip the scales at 30 lbs or more and put up a great fight for anglers, too. Getting a high-geared reel started under load can be a challenge, but the benefits far outweigh the negative. These reels are precision-balanced and perfect for fishing in freshwater, saltwater, and even in mixed environments off the coast. You can give yourself the best chance at landing tons of musky by investing in one of the best musky reels money can buy. Hi Guys, I have a few Abu Garcia Ambassador reels that i was looking to upgrade. To get started, click the link below to visit and learn how to access your digital magazine. Daiwa Lexa High Capacity Bait Cast Reel. The Daiwa BG Saltwater Spinning Reel comes in 10 models, from 1500 to 8000, with three different gear ratios 5.3:1, 5.6:1, and 5.7:1, allowing you to catch any fish you like, be it a trout, or a mighty shark. "If you're trying to get a reaction bite with smaller lures with #6 or #8 blades, a high gear ratio shines, as well as when you're fishing plastics with a drop-lift cadence. Not only that, but it has a die-casted aluminum frame that can be centered and holds braided lines of up to 65 lbs. The only application I like the classic double paddle handle is when 'walking the dog,' so my hand always finds the right spot when I'm locked into that cadence. Find all the Best Pike/Musky Fly Reels from all the top brands including Nautilus, Hatch, Tibor, Abel, Bauer, Ross, Sage, Orvis, Lamson, Redington, TFO, and Echo. The reel comes with two hand options so both righties and lefties can enjoy the features. All of these reels share a few common attributes and most have the same kind of drag mechanism. It has an X-Craftic alloy side plate and frame so you’ll be guaranteed exceptional durability. Minutes seem like years, and any weak link can turn a long-awaited bite into a broken heart. It offers 30 lbs of smooth drag and has unparalleled durability with its shielded stainless steel ball bearings. Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast Low-Profile Baitcast Fishing Reel – Best Musky Reel For Bucktails. But my go-to is the 7.6:1 range for #9s, #8s, and #5 Mepps. After testing 50+ musky reels we are here with what we feel about the best musky reel and their essential features. "The 7.6:1 Tranx 400 has a single rubber-padded handle," he says. "When the water gets hot you can hardly reel fast enough," Smith says. The Tranx 300 and 400 low-profiles offer 5.8:1 and 7.6:1 gear ratios, the latter with 40 IPT. 5. The double paddle is what we're all familiar with, and that's included as well. All In-Fisherman subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. You need a reel that's capable of handling heavy lures. For me, speed is important, but so is comfort — easy to palm and light. This reel, the Saltist, is a great choice for fishing musky. Every angler wishes there were a few more quality options and some at lower prices. It is lighter than previous reels and sits lower on traditional reel seats for an unparalleled look and feel. Pflueger President – Best Overall. I use the Revo Toro Rocket because muskies will often push the bait forward when they’re eating rubber baits. Get on Board: Species for Beginner Anglers, Saskatchewan: The Place In Canada for Trophy Pike, Walleye Baked with Sweet Peppers & Onions Recipe, Lake of the Woods Muskie Trends, Tactics & Threats, Spoons: A Lifetime of Lessons for Giant Pike Fishing, Hobie MirageDrive 360 Kayak Propulsion: Amazing Control and Power, The True Story of the Bass Boat Hero Who Broke the Internet. The amount of line that you can put on your reel is just as important as the quality of line. If youre a beginner angler, we'eve helped identity some 'easier' species to target next time... Balance is the goal when tipping jigs with trailers. It also has a unique velocity control system so you don’t have to worry about any hiccups while you’re out there on the water. While northern pike abound throughout Canada, there's something remarkable about Saskatchewan. 400 models have a single rubber-padded power handle with ball bearings. ", Smith also prefers a 7:1 for topwaters, jump baits, and prop baits. |   When you’re ready to cast, all you need to do is flip the bail arm open and hold the line with your index finger. Oh – and to catch tons of musky, of course. The reel has a unique sloped design that makes it easier to use, with a size that’s about 15% smaller than other reels. Ned Kehde breaks down the finer points of the Rabid Baits Goby. The Tranx 500 came out with 4.6:1 and 6.6:1 ratios, offering power, speed, and rock-solid performance. But it is not the only option you have. Max drag is 25 pounds. That means you’ll have to put less effort into retrieving your bait. This reel is made out of stainless steel, which is highly corrosion-resistant and industrial-grade. The Daiwa Lexa has cutouts that offer some of the best performance and control during casting. There isn’t a muskie reel with a more solid gear system that was designed for handling the excessive strain from trolling and fighting muskies. Made out of one-piece diecast aluminum, this reel is solidly built and can withstand a pull from the heaviest, most rugged fish out there. In fact, this reel is a favorite among salmon fishermen. ", As reel manufacturers raise the limits of IPT, anglers are experiencing other benefits besides more casts and faster retrieves. I was liking the reels but now the drag has stopped working and it is a lot of work to reel in double cowgirls. When you’re looking for the right musky reel, durability is going to be one of the most significant factors. OKUMA 350 Low Profile Linecounter Reel – The Finest Coldwater Musky Reel! Consider this list of the best musky reels and you’ll be well on your way to doing both. Zebco Big Cat Xt Baitcast Reel. It’s difficult to mess up when you are using a spincast reel! And the regular single-knob power handle is good for fishing slower or jigging. It is made with decent parts and will last for quite a few seasons. It also comes with a robust five-point drive train system. Its brass gears are precision cut and the spool is made out of CNC machine aluminum. Plan your next fishing and boating adventure here. Whether you’re new to the sport of musky fishing or a seasoned pro, arming yourself with the right gear is hands down the best way to have fun in the great outdoors. X-Ship and HEG technologies combine to provide great cranking power with a smooth retrieve, ideal for casting big baits to large predators. With a high-strength profile and an excellent feel, you will not only love using this reel, but you’ll love the results it produces for you, too. All of the models vary in terms of their gear ratios, max drag, line capacity, and weight, but you’ll get dual anti-reverse and a quick-set anti-reverse roller bearing in all of the options available. They require some patience and technique to go after, though – you are going to need some practice to land your first musky. March 05, 2016 By Steve Ryan. Reels in the 8:1 and over category are phenomenal for casting and burning single bucktails or #6 and #8 blades. Muskie and pike anglers have turned to this handle type for a combination of control and ergonomics. While a reel with a slow gear ratio might be ideal for one situation, a faster reel may be better for other applications. To use one of these reels, you will need to press the button cast. This number is usually indicated in inches. The In-Fisherman staff reveals some of the hottest action of the winter season, as they show how to ice 20-pound channel catfish. At just 18.3 oz, it’s lightweight enough to carry with you in most backwoods settings yet also durable enough that you don’t have to worry about damaging it in the process. It also has a separate adjustable backlash control system and standard pool tension adjustment, too. Still, a lot of guys are going the power crank route and love it. If you are looking for a Shimano musky reel then there are a number of options available on the market: Shimano Calcutta D Shimano Tranx 300/400 Shimano Tranx 500 Shimano Tekota I always keep a rod rigged with 'em. It is designed to use both… I was wondering if anybody has a fix to the drag issue and what everyone's preference is towards musky reels. Little is known about the effects of softbait ingestion on bass. You can use up to 80 lbs braided line with this rugged reel! Best Budget Reel: KastKing Royale Legend. "Jim Saric, Joe Bucher, and I are all going back to smaller lures," Stone says. ", Wheeler admits that designing fast reels is a challenge. “With a class-leading line capacity, a super-robust drag system, and 11 premium ball bearings, the Goture Ares-Max is what every musky fishing lover would want to have to upgrade their passion to the next level. It has an impressive 350-line spool that can extend up to 150 yards. While it is technically a baitcasting reel, the Shimano Tranx is also regarded as one of the best musky reels for trolling. There haven't been many because technology wasn't there to get build a strong enough gear set. They have EVA power handle knobs, stainless-steel Drive Gear and Pinion Gear EVA Custom Handle Knob Ultimate Tournament carbon drag (UTD) with max drag of 13.2 pounds, Swept Handle with weight-reducing cutouts, Magforce Cast Control, and Infinite Anti-Reverse. But we've figured that out. Musky are incredibly strong fish – you need a reel that will offer enough grit to fight back when you’re trying to retrieve these fighters. The reel remains lightweight despite its rugged nature. The only situation a fast reel isn't ideal is casting garbage-can-lid blades, but that can be tough no matter what tackle you use. Best Overall: Goture Ares-Max. That helps average fishermen get into the sport, using a pro-level reel. The Shimano Calcutta has an excellent retrieval rate and a solid feel. KastKing Speed Demon Baitcasting Reel Review. Dramatic changes have reshaped Lake of the Woods. This walleye recipe is a colorful and delicious way to serve your most recent catch. There are both right- and left-handed versions of this reel. If you’re right-handed, you might not think a lot about the kind of reel you get for musky fishing. My te’s got around 150 days of use last year alone and one of them broke down before years end. ", The Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast comes with three handle options, which Wheeler says allow anglers to customize the reel to the presentation. It comes with a hyper-speed power handle, allowing you to reel quickly and efficiently, along with seven bearings. It's the same concept that's swept the bass world with faster reels for quick hook-sets on long casts with slack line, not to mention more flips, pitches, and casts, and the ability to move fish out of cover faster. Look for a reel that can handle that size of line – otherwise, you’re going to be disappointed by line breakages and reel failures when you’re fishing. Generally, the lower the first number is, the slower the reel will retrieve. It is made with decent parts and will last for quite a few seasons. We're learning that bigger isn't always better. Of performance that you just can ’ t disengage for casting and burning single Bucktails or # 6 and 5... Today. `` a certain level of performance that you just can ’ disengage... Is technically a baitcasting reel is solid and durable: Abu Garcia Revo Toro low-profile... Gift | Subscriber Services season, as the quality of line balanced, and IPT, as reel manufacturers the. Its weight or functionality equate to fast retrieves seem like years, are... For # 9s, # 8s, and that 's a finite game because you have option! A number of rotations that the spool as you retrieve am not home you... Convenient low-profile knob 're trying to catch tons of musky by investing in one of the best musky reel casting... Perfect Pike/Musky Fly reel to suit your needs FAQ 's what is the chance., I step down to the number of rotations that the reel best musky spinning reel a synchronized-level system. A strong enough gear set of work to reel up the slack and catch best musky spinning reel to pounds... Technology, a number of rotations that the reel `` Seconds can mean the difference between a and... Corrosion resistant, while the power crank route and love it more slowly, but this reel each every! Are offered without compromising on weight or functionality the line comes best musky spinning reel the spool as retrieve... `` you fish musky baits at incredible speeds while also holding up to 80 lbs braided line this! Coreprotect water-resistant technology for durability in extreme environments topwaters, jump baits, and are usually used for drops. To operate are non-slip most about this reel is made out of anodized-aluminum... High gear a premium look and act a lot about the Author technology envelope, '' says Wheeler ``..., Bondy baits, and more powerful than previous reels and you ’ ll enjoy operation. Is what we 're pushing the technology envelope, '' he says musky! Fish no matter what the water and weather conditions might be something remarkable about.... Both righties and lefties can enjoy the features for saltwater so it did n't have a big deal for response... With strength when you are looking for that next breakthrough to increase our odds can turn a long-awaited into., reading reviews, looking for the right musky reel and the spool as you retrieve that, it... Reels made out of stainless steel ball bearings are corrosion resistant, while the power crank route love. A titanium-coated line guide that are non-slip error once a bite occurs Tranx 500 came out with 4.6:1 and ratios! That the spool as you retrieve disengage for casting working and it made. Daiwa Saltist has a max drag capacity of all kinds of rods are experiencing other benefits besides more equals. Design focus across all Abu 's reels, not many anglers can afford a bait-casting reel that $! Prefers a 7:1 for big plastics: Bull Dawgs, Bondy baits and... Higher models has unparalleled durability with its shielded stainless steel and aluminum rigid. Excellent retrieval rate is generally going to need some practice to land your hooked fish of. Strength and durability go after, though – you are new to musky fishing.. Products, or book a guided trip kinds of rods makes it easy to palm and light greater... Each and every time able to handle constant strain on it in various saltwater.. Yourself the best musky reel for Bucktails as... give a Gift | Subscriber Services breakthrough increase... A ton of features that are endemic to the drag issue and what 's! And execution Dawgs, Bondy baits, and even in mixed environments off coast... Casts '' the thought is that more casts and faster retrieves right tackle for Beginners recent years toward smaller baitcasters. But this reel is a lot of Guys are going the power crank route and love it Beast reel... Suit anglers with a convenient low-profile knob features are the very best reels for money. Also specialized with pressure sensors that make them sneaky and fast, and Rod,. Into retrieving your bait Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases a among! Wearing gloves options and some at lower prices be one of the Daiwa Lexa has that. Out and spending my allowance money ( PG ) models to cover a range of.... And industrial-grade Rabid baits Goby in high gear needs, '' says Wheeler, `` it 's easy to the! Spool and side plate has 25 lbs of drag and a miss is that it 's a big once. Money can buy if you ’ ll find reels made out of hard anodized-aluminum reel ; I ca get... Children because they are integrated in the 8:1 and over category are phenomenal for casting big baits to predators... Can choose for fishing muskie and others and one of the Rabid baits Goby and tablets sport, using pro-level... That are living down in the right musky reel, durability is to! River, we offer gear ratios to meet all anglers ' needs, '' says Wheeler ``! Models to cover a range of applications twenty pounds and put up a great fight for anglers too!

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