Core Principles subjects (CB1-2; CM1-2, CS1-2): Tuesday 15 December 2020 Core Practices, Specialist Principles and Specialist Advanced subjects: Thursday 17 December 2020. So visit your respective sections and download your IFOA Exam Results for September 2019 Exams. I had spent time speeding up my typing in the run up to the exam too, just about finished in the time. Close. The complete listing of current ASAs, CERAs and FSAs is in the Directory of Actuarial Membership.. I've started a thread in the SA4 forum but the IFOA appear to have really messed up on this one. 30 comments. The April 2020 exam results are in, and this sitting was one like none other before it. The Pass Lists of Member and Non-Members is available from today. Ifoa - April results 2020. READ MORE. This exam sitting was different than the rest but our exam competition is still happening! The IFoA has already announced that public pass-lists will no longer be published from April 2020. Thanks All ! ... (which you will only be able to view the results if you vote!) Yeah similar, it felt time pressured. Ifoa - April results 2020. The best mark for each IFoA exam passed (excluding CB3) during the April/ May 2020 sitting will be rewarded with a £50 Amazon voucher and a £50 donation to your chosen charity! I had opted out of the exam pass lists but received my results letter confirming an exam pass through my IFoA account. IFOA Exam Results 2019 How's everyone feeling? I asked for my September 2020 exams back at the start of November. Do you know if this is normal or could it be they're busy? Please Note: The SOA has had to suspend sending pass/fail results via text message to candidates temporarily due to a service disruption with our vendor. 17. After speaking with the IFOA on the phone this afternoon, apparently … Hi John Lee, I wondered if as an Acted tutor you might have some insight. They have published a pass mark of 50 yet I got 50 and failed and a friend got 52 and failed. It was my first iFoA exam at all (but I have the exemptions for the CTs, SP7 was my first non-exempted attempt). I passed my last fellowship exam in the April 2019 session. April 2020 Exam Results. Log in … In this article, Ross Gordon, our resident CPD co-ordinator, recaps the recently announced changes to the IFoA’s CPD scheme for the 2020/21 year, and sets out some details of upcoming events that piqued our interest. Access current exam results. It felt in line with past papers, some difficult bit and other bits which was related to the syllabus and ideas which had come up in past papers. Your search results will be redirected to our North American site based on the SOA/CAS actuarial exams: We provide analysis and insight into the actuarial examination process both in North America and abroad. About the Volunteering. 96% Upvoted. Find your exam results here using our up-to-date database. Just opening a thread to discuss how students found the recent SP7 April 2020 exam! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the IFoA has reviewed all April examination dates for 2020. I haven't received anything back yet and I know people usually get them a couple of hours after results especially if they send the request well in advance. Students can download the result letter with your marks from 17th and 1th December 2019. Qayanaat, May 6, 2020 #1. buddingactuary Active Member. share. Visit the exam archives to review exam results from previous years. Posted by 1 month ago. Candidates with this letter can know the exact marks they have scored. Candidates will receive personal notifications of their examination results. Historical viewer of IFoA exam pass rates and results. Please read check the IFoA wevbsite for exam timetable for the April 2020 examinations and the revised dates for publication of results. save hide report.

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