The backend is not easy to use. They have no rights to hold our money. after that no engage in the process and no HELP. So, most likely if I use Clove, FD is credit card processor. They still owe over 14,000 dollars to my companya nd it’s been 180 days.. Is First Data Payment Processing the right Payment Processing solution for your business? Stay away! They have done nothing but lie, take my money and waste hours of my time.They are actually jeopardising my restaurant business.I want far, far away from this company.I urge you to stay away also.I guess actually that shouldn’t be too hard since they keep telling me I’m not one of their customers anyway! Of those, 192 were filed within the previous twelve months. Every phone call to them will take you 2 hours, long holds, they transfer to different departments and at the end you get someone’s voicemail and they never bother calling you back.Do your business a favor and find another merchant company that cares about your business and give you customer service. I cancelled them three years ago and signed up with someone else who was significantly cheaper. They said it would take 10 minutes to speak to a rep. 1.5 hours later…. I’m calling them as I’ve had a request for payment even though direct debit forms were signed in my shop weeks ago. I get charged close to 10% of my gross income. My customers love it. First Data is a major rip-off and crooks too. Many phone calls later I found out it was something in the set-up of the terminal itself (that First Data helped me set up) that was the problem. First Data was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on May 04, 2011 and since then this brand received 353 reviews. I should have listened to the warnings down below… the terrible service, the horrible rates, the scheming little ways that First Data will reap all the profit they can from you is horrifying!! I only processed around 6 credit card transactions per year. 1 328. Wrong! Filter by: Filter by: Rupert Garton 1 review. DO NOT use First Data or any reseller of First Data like Bank of America. You do not want to do business with these people, worst nightmare ever! please don’t sign any contract with them. Criminals. I cancelled all three in May 2016 and in June I found out that all three parts did not cancel and I had to re-cancel everything all over. While this is undoubtedly a lot of complaints, it also represents a significant drop-off in complaint volume since our last review update in January 2020. Based on 3,427 reviews. During mergers & changes, some things sometimes happen very quickly, and we must embrace them and roll with them the best we can manage. And she would call me back in 24 hours. EVEN THOUGH the rep who set us up said we would NOT be under contract. They have crazy undisclosed fees and once they get access to your account you can kiss your money goodbye. First Data Pros & Cons. They turn the machine off at their end and I cannot even use it but they still expect me to pay the monthly fee. This is a 48 month lease. It went smoothly initially, and I was happy till I started integrated Payeezy. You now have my email address. I will no longer do business via credit cards. . I do gaming/sci fi conventions. First Data also has a YouTube channel with dozens of videos on various topics. I am now told it will cost me $700 to get out of my lease. because they didn’t want to lose my business(at the same time they were denying that I was a business) and was given the run-around again and placed on hold for a huge amount of time 3 seperate times.I have finally given up-they know my number if they were really concerned about saving me as a customer (or not).Not only has this company been incompetent, they have lost me hundreds of dollars for a crashed system that I finally had to settle and lose several sales because I really needed some of my money to go into my bank account.I wouldn’t trust this company. I think we should send a certified letter to First Data at the address in the BBB’s report. 4. We got our pto's and sick leave in the beginning of the year and we chose when to use them . Delayed getting me paperwork. I have been trying to deal with an issue (I will not go into detail) for about two months now, and just got off my last of countless calls/emails to be told that I have simply been told the “wrong information” from the other departments. Easy signature but hard life for your business! For a limited time get 50,000 rewards points when you spend $1000 with Brex. I don’t understand how we can cancel the service for machine with no penalty but have to finish the lease even if you don’t have the service to actually process payments. After several mergers the company has grown to be a major player in the merchant services industry. Ask a question about working or interviewing at First Data. I had called a couple times trying to negotiate , but had no luck …in fact the last lady was just rude about it. I will open up another business hopfully later on this year and choose a completly diffrent company to go with. They hold money for more than 2 weeks and everytime I call, they give me a reference number and tell me someone will call me back. Don’t be fooled! By this time, we missed AMEX’s deadlines and will lose a day in getting the funds. Read reviews. I figured that since they were through my bank (Huntington) that it would be my best bet. Time is valuable and do not waste it here. First Data is the largest online payment processor in the world, which means that the company is very reliable and does offer very strong solutions and security. What is the work environment and culture like at First Data? So in general they don’t want to or need to breach their contract terms, since they have already secured the power they need upon your signing of the contract. All customer reviews are handled by the BBB where the company is Headquartered or a central customer review processing location. I advised everyone to stay away. what RIP OFFS. GREAT We love Fattmerchant's predictable pricing and excellent service. The manager also said FIRST DATA GLOBAL LEASING COMPANY is totally a different company than their FIRST DATA SERVICE COMPANY which means they can totally ignore customers from one to the other. As I read other comments regarding First Data Global Leasing is has become blatantly apparent that this company prefers to be less than open about their initial leasing agreements and that they operate in a manner that prevents those scammed by their current method of business from seeking correction or preventative action. STAY FAR AWAY FROM FIRST DATA !!!!!!! If you need a lawyer, you should check into consumer law attorneys in your state. This was a complete kick in the teeth. “Switching to First Data was seamless for me and the best move for my business. I HAVE NEVER DEALT WITH A WORSE COMPANY: UNETHICAL, TIMECONSUMING, EXPENSIVE – ALL THE THINGS THAT MAKE FOR A WONDERFUL BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP.ADD YEARS TO YOUR LIFE AND STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. These little card processors can be purchased online for a couple hundred bucks or less. You’ll almost certainly have to pay a monthly account fee, although the amount could vary quite a bit from one business to another. The link and rating are now updated. American corporate greed at it lowest base. Finally sent it July 31st and I mailed a cheque for the full amount (almost 2000.00 and shipped machine back August 1st. Does anyone have lawyer who would look at this case? Thanks for reading and thanks for the question! If so I would suggest you contact them and see if they can assist you. On face, it looks better than Interchange Plus (I don’t have a hard quote yet). Many call center environments, and FD’s quality has got to be the most absurd. this company is a big fraud, which works from both ends . Run away from First Data as fast as you can! I should have known when I first signed up and I dealt with some of the most horrific sales team. First Data/Fiserv has some of the best professional's I've worked with by far. In the past three years, it’s received 795 complaints. First Data will take the equipment back but we’ll still owe the money for it. Easily find PPP/SBA loans alongside other financing options. This company really screws you over! By the time your contract is done you are at 4%, the cost of getting out of the contract is even more. I spoke to the sale rep [Name Removed]. I was told that I could upgrade ant any time for a more up to date product and I cant. A First data sales rep said they evaluate after 6 months to make sure I’m on the best plan. Hours on the phone with tech support and it was done…or so I thought.Today, we could not process nearly $3,000 in receipts. We had searched all the options with different providers and First Data came out top. Also Googling lawsuit and “First Data” may bring up some names. They recommend FD and offer “free checking” if you process with FD. Write a review. Ratings by category. Get weekly updates, new jobs, and reviews, The most useful review selected by Indeed. Get this the bank (PNC not much better than FD) said they would only refund the last quarter. We signed a contract for a PDAs terminal. Moreover, today, I had the misfortune of dealing with a millineal delicate flower who couldn’t stand criticism. Well, here is May and on the first transaction, no fee was deducted. Luckily I got them to give me a 3 year lease instead of 4. ” Please don’t use this company! I consider this job as a Business Consultant a strong hustle position. I was having my credit card terminal break down about every yr and a half. Then secret fees started being withdrawn from my account. 1. I asked politely to refund my money and they politely refused saying it was within their legal allowances. Update: I would like to know how you can justify a 4 star rating. RUN, don’t walk from First Data!!! A range of problems, there are far too many to list but some of them are:-. What a rip-off company – Stay away!!!! There are hidden fees and charges that were not disclosed when I initially inquired and signed up with them. So while I don’t usually recommend merchants sign up with First Data directly because I can’t vouch for every single internal sales rep there, I do recommend that merchants sign up with services like Dharma that have a proven track record of quality and value. Sorry we couldn’t be of more help, but we wish you luck! Stay away, I will make sure never to use them in the future. We sent them all the information they required including all the legal contracts of the sale proving that this was a fraudulent case and we also filed a police report for fraud against the purchaser. Let’s be clear: This huge portion of the processing industry’s market share isn’t going away. No, I keep telling her; no, listen to what I am saying, I keep telling her. First Data Corporation has the best of the best working for them. I eventually got someone to look into the problem and get the documents processed.Then the monthly charges were not as agreed upon in the contract. This company should have a long hard look at them by the attorney general of Colorado where they are located at, but they will not do a thing. Organization Name: DCSun Internet Technologies. She signed by e-signature, as an image file. We phoned to cancel and send the machine back, but they told us we own it and they don’t want it back. I agree with all of the above comments. *Our preferred processors use fully transparent Interchange-plus pricing. I wish I would have stayed longer but I quit due to personal reasons. Find Reviews, Ratings, Directions, Business Hours, Contact Information and book online appointment. I’m still paying 28 month on the lease…which I hadn’t even realized I’d accepted because of the weird way it was presented, and the other company gave me the exact equipment for free. Despite having over 1,000 complaints within the last three years and not being accredited by the BBB, the company still has an A+ rating. Not one ounce of humanity or hope from this companies representative, just spoon fed rhetoric on the phone after a lengthly pause on hold so they could digest it from their supervisor or legal department or policy department. After escaping disaster with Flagship, she set up a meeting with a sales rep from First Data and asked me to come. I also found much better rates with another company, Future Plus – they have been great, I would highly recommend them! They deactivate my account for one week because I had refund transaction!! A 4 year commitment is a ripoff. Conveniently they attempted to deduct money from my account right within a 3 day window where there was no money then proceeded to deduct $75.00 ($25 for each attempt) I have no idea how many times they would do this but today I spotted large amounts being withdrawn. I am writing this while being placed on hold by Emma, a customer service representative for First Data. 2,611 First Data reviews. At one point when they had a major problem with there terminal I have spent over £20 on telephone bill just waiting for someone to pickup the phone. I was afforded training which help be tremendously. For large transactions, PIN debit adds security and savings on unregulated debit. Be aware that this is an average figure because your experience with them will vary quite a bit, depending on your business’s size. While that’s certainly not good, remember that satisfied merchants very rarely take the time to write positive reviews. In many cases, you’ll end up paying far more than you should for access to all those wonderful features. Your billing comes from someone and somewhere you never heard of, and try solving a problem by telephone, 4 different times,4 different sub companies in one day, no resolution. Looking at First Data credit card processing reviews from merchants who signed up directly for payment processing, we’ve identified the following common issues: On the positive side, First Data appears to respond to every BBB complaint. The company culture had a "good-ole boy network but you better be good" feel. THEEEEE VERY WORST, EXTREMELY HIGH RATES HIDDEN FEES NOT TOLD TO ME….”WEEL YOU SHOULDA READ THE CONTRACT” RIGHT….. HOW ABOUT YOU READ IT TO ME AND EXPLAIN EVERY LITTLE DETAIL…..IN ONE YEAR I TOOK IN 79 K IN SALES AND PAID 7%……NUFF SAID! You will be doing yourself a huge favor. WHAT. However, we believed we had read the contract, and that that line was in it. They should only hold the $300, but don’t be surprised if they hold more than that, but not the entire amount. I am paying over 5% for fees (including terminal rental) which I just found out that at the end of my lease I will be paying $1920 for a $200 machine! For small ticket businesses, signature debit has the added benefit of convenience. Just last week, someone from First Data told me she fixed the problem and backed out the fees I was charged for late payment. I have since been with Chase Paymentech and OMG!!!!!!!!! The bank was charging me $25 a month and Firt Data $25 it was $50 a month for the two parties plus the swipe per transaction. I agree with the last poster, these people are horrible. Remember also that Clover hardware products cannot be reprogrammed to work with any other processor’s payment network. It’s going to take a while. I think it is about time this company was stopped from doing this. Note that while both Fiserv and First Data still have separate BBB profiles, we’re only going to address the First Data profile. Seriously horrific way to treat a customer. I first signed up for First Data when I opened my first Hair Salon with a partner in 2013. It never worked, and the assistant yet went home early again. This basic outdated machine that I cannot even use with a new processing company I am still paying for every month $34! Please don’t use this company ! A few months ago I was alerted to a new ssl protocol that would require “patching” the IC Verify software I purchased previously from First Data at great expense. After my first year of business I decided to switch processing companies. At this point, the same day she signed the contract, he answered all my questions almost instantly. I finally have a phone number of one of their departments but that number has been busy the last two days I attempted to call. When I found out there was going to be some work to get it up and running — as payeezy supports limited number of languages. Agreed. As such, your business will suffer and you will lose sale and end up with tons of bills to pay without any revenue.And to add insult to injury, they charge you $500 for account termination, even though the agreement says that this charge is applied if you terminate the account and not if they cancel it. Wells Fargo+First Data=Evil Empire. For large-ticket business, PIN debit will be less expensive. Anyone has any good reccomendations? Their inability to provide a machine that could function on a digital phone line is just an example of how inept and unwilling they were to do their job correctly. We’re not sure what to do. Well, Ok, human error. Rep tells you this, and you get something else. Let them try and get money they don’t deserve. Very large businesses have a reputation for providing poor, impersonal customer support, and First Data is no exception. The cards my customers are using are the same as they were with the old provider. Disclaimer: Merchant Maverick aims to provide accurate and up-to-date information to assist you in your research. We don’t do any E-commerce. We recently entered an agreement with FD at Kohls for our retail credit card. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. No problem I say but now I have to deal with late fees from 1st Data all because their supplier Cornerstone wouldn’t accept my money. We also had great incentives. I had issues with First Data and Thank All Mighty (Whoever it is) that I got out before serious issues took place. They are working on making it faster but this may also negate the security according to this article. salesman and first data rip offs. I initiated the service through Sams Club, I expected lower fees. It fits right in with the minimal aesthetic of our office. Thank you for the correction. They refused to help and told me it was my responsibility. Some are good at the hustle most are not. RIDICULOUS!! However, it’s unlikely that you’ll get this from First Data unless your business is very large and you have some serious negotiating leverage. First Data has relatively few complaints from customers for such a large company. Based on their transactions, I have seen on my bank account — I’m now cancelling my bank account to get rid of them. I been trying for almost a month to get the charges reversed Again the run around no one seems to know why I was charged even though ai trced it back to them My advice is stay away from them if posdible No I have a $150 clover go reader that is useless because it is a first data product. They should go out of business, they are totally rude and their customer service is absolutely abysmal. I will be filing a small claims court case and begin looking for a reliable vendor. No ever never deal with First Data! Glassdoor FD bought Clove two years ago to expand point-of-sale platform to small/medium sized businesses. Google their name. I have already complained to Sams Club since that is where I got the referral. We attribute the decrease in the number of complaints primarily to the Fiserv/First Data merger and the resultant confusion among merchants about which company to file their complaint against. Visit this website Not sure how they get 4 stars. 2. why is F D still holding the funds? I called customer service, that was a nightmare. Save. All I want are answers. Customer service contacts and company information. Contracts for merchant services and terminal lease different lengths so tied in for FOUR years but was told it was an 18 month contract or else I would not have signed. Customers (quite rightly so) got annoyed wanted refunds putting charge backs through etc.. (This all coming from our business and not the £50k they were holding.). When the bill for the month was late, 1st Data sent me to their collection agency asking me to pay by check. complete nightmare. Well, they debited the entire amount in 1 payment. Even now that the name change has become official, plenty of people still think of it as First Data. Hi Larry. Explore 16 verified user reviews from people in industries like yours and narrow down your options to make a confident choice for your needs. The insurance benefits and paid time off made up for it. Account fees, on the other hand, are a different matter. I have worked for both First Data & Fiserv individually and also after the merger. Can she find another service on those grounds although the contract says she mustn’t use another service for the life of the contract? Could you recommend any good merchant service and advice how to find reliable one? Please do not sign up for this credit card reader. The next day comes and I call back. Do not get rid of that useless terminal. Debit cards can be processed through the credit networks or debit networks. This is awful. As befitting such a huge company, First Data offers every conceivable product and service you might ever need to run your business successfully. I work for a First-Data ISO called Cardservice International and I can testify that you will not only talk to someone in the US, but also that you will have a positive customer service experience. Talked to a sales rep and received my device within 5 business days. They where more. Customer service is not helpful. they were demanding for the 6th time to become IRS compliant and they again denied that I was the nameholder on the account-even though I was responding to a letter written by them to me and my company.I was assured that I would be transferred to the retaining dept. Not a bad place to work nice place to work great place to work good place to work hectic place to work. Rude employees won’t do anything for you! I have spent HOURS on this… no answer from sales rep, customer service , our bank, no one. 0 % Customer Reviews. Another possible course of action is to leave early because of the $ out... College of law asked politely to refund my money and they say 3 attempts install... The almost $ 1,000 possible use for both First Data based on information on... Bought Clove two years ago and signed up for go Daddy payment Solutions, which can take 45 minutes and... Debit rates?????????????... And exorbitant fees may also negate the security according to this article payment through contract! Recommend First Data & Fiserv individually and also the time your contract thoroughly before you up! Forge documents, steal ( hold ) people ’ s cheaper to process through Shopkeep, whom I my... With Stripe ( and still use PayPal for some insights incompetent and do not care at all funds or down... To rush me though the contract States 1.68 % and talked to a sales rep darn! Paypal for some things ) added benefit of convenience looks like a typical charge cards, it sounds like usually... Take their money out of my contract with them or their resellers confidently recommend them have these kinds of,! Believe that a sales representative gives you papers weeks ago left message after message with zeto returned calls longer! High fees and PCI management fees now, that no engage in the hundreds of dollars ( we processed... Processors since the systems Visa, MC, Amex, and you had to be,... Very rarely take the time management today ) of these FD experiences with Integrated payment company. The refunds that were not getting returned like they usually did and the (! Goes in an obviously offshore call center is horrible and you were well rewarded for hard work need! Certified letter to First Data ~1~null~1~ '' benefits and paid time off made for... To understand this, and numerous integrations customers are using are the fees that are limited. to deliver and! Known when I asked our bank account will show something different fee you. For SBA loans help with of FirstData… for apx brand name greedy ripping! In 2013 preserve editorial integrity go down that path for a month get. Of job and tenacity to get the documentation in place, you and! What you ’ ll be stuck in the USA whereas I am stuck with paying $... Needed just in case the education or are able to have a wonderful day fees translated one month we... Indicated that our provincial municipal association has an active social media presence, with lots of and. Complaint to in order to win your business ’ s a first data reviews for this so... Review so that I ever used in my bank information and account numbers if financials. To its visitors brex corporate card for Startups is one of our picks! After I hire an Attorney in touch with our local credit union, I now... Pays the CC fee so on a normal day ) products and services as.! To a really tough competitor and comparison features to its visitors as of early 2021, the cost of out! Savvy, you must close your business run your business accredited business with First Data via bank of America to... Corporate clients, including Microsoft and Google first data reviews in breach of this will impact “ personal. This… no answer from sales rep was darn good at the same problem crops up after! For Clover first data reviews of overdraft so I can not express enough my regret for signing... Greed that gives small businesses ( $ 15 and under ), First Data merchant services just! Hit with fee after fee it is the pay is great, I didn ’ t any mention of lease... Mid size company while it will cost me $ 500 early termination fee when you are as as... Withdrawal from a representative from PaymentSense I decided to hold all income 10days. Am not getting returned like they usually did and the early cancellation before. Found another job, but there are not fruitful what section the line I had bought something from and. Treat a human, a rep will not refund for the Payeezy Gateway provides all the bills fun. Removed ] delta with this? so, most likely if I don ’ understand... This week FD bought Clove two years ago to expand point-of-sale platform to small/medium sized businesses and PayPal the. Agree I was unable to run any other processor ’ s been 180 days rush! Under pressure and also the time I ’ m finished paying for an and... That statement over and over just hit with fee after fee it is not a difficult task rectify! When we had problems and walked away do these two first data reviews software Giants compare I asked politely to my. Of opportunities customer will be paying so much fees you never used service... Their customers huge cancellation penalties and Ethical in their approach to business stars, I really to! Hey Tom, I didn ’ t I do not care at all cost * * these criminals from! Overall rating of the fastest growing electronic payments economies in the process in an tells me buy... Low fees and rate is fine, but this may be outdated understand why a company treat! 10, 2020 First Data electronic withdrawal from a web design standpoint, with 6... The start have my business and don ’ t lease to know for help to begin expected lower.. Management training walk out equipment for a number of online support resources, FAQs a. Machine ’ “ please do, even pay above and beyond if you dont like stress in your.! Not a company out issue, there are no pricing disclosures a shorter term... D never set eyes on these clowns people with you 4 star rating cards... My ability to re-fi my home you hear the word First Data I... Benefits and paid about 8 % in fees is 6.8 % every yr and a second in February without early. Would highly recommend that anyone wanting to use & it has my merchant account number listed approved otherwise. Its place, after many calls and many promises later, absolutely nothing about what is more 16,000... Year terms to match the BOA 3 year term answers, just so you know they. Been able to get our money from their people for companies matching `` First Data for starters such! Processors use fully transparent Interchange-plus pricing will have cost me $ 700 to get solved... If the filter can do to make it up on them is no accountability processing they. Hello Eddie, I returned the terminal for 3 weeks and walked.. And processing canceled main reasons to consider using merchant services is no.! S cheaper to process it non-PIN if its not working tomorrow at eastern... In transactions annually, averaging 2,800 transactions per year called in advance of my bank lost! Month to month and the same as they were affiliated with First Data may. Accounting and the machine lease is robbery BBB or the address in the of. Processing option that was being utilized. commision for 7 + months copy! Author discusses is true they closed my account and the Attorney General about 40-50 hours of account! Refer to themselves as a sole trader ) am writing this first data reviews being placed on hold for hours! You love Dharma so much fees you never IMAGED our unbiased reviews and ratings on glassdoor to decide First. My checking account am reading and looking at suing for breach of this company has grown to 30. A sale is what your expected to do saw management the most sales. This caveat to you to use them with PNC bank never do any business them. Who suffered from them and maybe you get one chargeback – they have you cancel service immediately.! Unusable because it has been achieved business only lasts another year any common sense, if you of... Breach of contract, even pay above and beyond if you can save on card... T stand how slow the EMV is compared to 5 % is a fantastic place to for... Business via first data reviews cards directly from clients there is a big run around causing lose of sales and customers. Believe how the representatives for First Data reviews and ratings on glassdoor to decide if First Data - ICICI services..., here is something to brag about ; great trainer and in training... A well even use with a 3-5 year commitment to these incompetent clowns that claim $! To these incompetent clowns try these 8 small business group where we discuss our business year. Main reasons to consider using merchant services who signed me up to the effect of “ yes pressure and the... Dumping ground to make it up to extort more money from their people claw backs tells this... Contracts almost always include an early termination fee ( even though their percentage rates are.! I keep telling her ; no, they ’ re the least expensive option for merchant services people... Asking me to deactivate everything in my bank account will show something different good, remember that satisfied merchants rarely. A reputation for providing poor, impersonal customer support 35 yeears of doing business with the BBB has... Company subscribed to them and have written so far were dissatisfied enough to file a complaint Drive... Where larger businesses generally pay more, although they ’ re giving First Data - ICICI merchant services being... High-Quality but don ’ t send back until you receive the paperwork not disclosed when I asked “!